$199 Enrollment Fee –There will be a one time enrollment fee per person. Couples pay a discounted rate of $299. You will not be charged until after your credit consultation.
$99 Monthly Fee – You will be charged a monthly fee one month after you sign up. Couples pay $169 monthly. You will not have to sign a contract and you are able to cancel at anytime.

Once enrolled you will be emailed a login ID and Password to your customer portal. In this portal you will be able to upload your credit report and all other documents required for the credit repair process. You will also be able to view the progress of your credit score.

You are required to obtain a credit monitoring service at your expense. You must provide us with a copy of your credit report from all three bureaus. You then must upload your credit report to the client portal BEFORE we are able to have a consultation. This is because a consultation involves reviewing your credit report. You are required to maintain this service for the duration of the credit repair process. You will need to provide us with the USER ID and PASSWORD to the credit monitoring service so that we are able to obtain updated copies of your report going forward.

Credit Consultation – Once you have enrolled and have uploaded your credit report, we can conduct a consultation to discuss what is valid and eligible for disputes. We will discuss your credit report and begin the process. At this time you will be charged the enrollment fee.

You must prove your identity when disputing with the credit bureaus and any other agency that furnishes credit data. Therefore you must provide us with required documentation. YOU MUST UPLOAD THESE TO YOUR CLIENT PORTAL within 48 hours of your consultation or sooner. It is to your benefit that you give us these documents as quickly as possible as we cannot begin the process without it.

Once we receive all of your documentation in the customer portal the process begins. We will begin contacting the bureaus on your behalf. You will receive letters in your home mailbox that you must UPLOAD TO YOUR CUSTOMER PORTAL ASAP. Delaying this only slows down the credit repair process.

Be Patient and Persistent!
We will execute disputes every 35 days. It takes 30-45 days from the time a dispute is initiated to get a response from the agencies each round. Typically, it can take an average of 6 to 12 months to reach your goal results. However, you can see results in as little as 30 days.