• Dispute any account on your report that is reporting inaccurately.  If a Collection Agency does not comply with the Fair Debt Collection Processes Act or the Fair Credit Reporting Act as it relates to a debt you supposedly owe to them, they must delete the debt from your credit report.
  • Dispute Inquiries on your credit. The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that only authorized inquiries may appear on your credit. Often time businesses like car dealerships shop around for financing options, resulting in multiple inquiries on your credit report. More than 3 inquiries in a 6 month period can hurt your score. This is why having these deleted will help increase your score.
  • Dispute inaccurate personal information on your credit report.  Here’s why this is important. The credit bureaus also look at the personal information on your credit report and put you in a “group” of others with similar characteristics. This is called a “score card” For example, Group A consists of people who have lived in 10 places over the last 5 years.  The bureaus may decide this is a negative trait of instability and  place a heavier hit on your score for negative items. Remember, there are many ways they calculate your FICO score.