Empower – to make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

Read that definition until it sinks in. Good Credit gives you POWER in today’s world. It’s that simple. That alone is a reason to repair your credit. The mentality that ignores the importance of good credit must be thrown away. After you have taken that step of obtaining good credit, you will be empowered to finance on better terms and live the life you’ve dreamed of. Use this power wisely. Be Financially Fit and Stay Fit.



Once you understand how credit works and why it matters, it’s time to take ACTION! Think of every moment you were denied because of your bad credit. Now decide that today is the day you are going to do something about it so that it never happens again! Any step forward is a step in the right direction. It will take persistence and patience, but you can have good credit. It is a type of freedom that is hard earned and well worth it. And the best part is you are not alone. We can help you jump start you to the Financially Fit world of Good Credit. All it takes is a commitment. Are you ready and willing to invest in you? I know we are!

My Story

A Message from the Owner

Hey there! I want to personally share with you my story and why I want to help empower you to live the Financially Fit life you deserve.

As with all good success stories, the beginning starts with a story of struggle that leads to a defining moment. Well I’m no different. Like many of you reading this, I was raised by loving fantastic parents who taught me everything but how to have good credit. It just wasn’t on the list of discussion topics. So when I became a young adult in college, I did as most college kids do, I applied for my first credit card. It didn’t take long to max that sucker out. I swiped my card for everything from Cheetos to extra guacamole on Taco Tuesdays. It just seemed so easy. Once it got maxed out, I literally forgot I had the card. And here begins my bad credit story. I was a great student, but I wasn’t as attentive to my credit. I soon learned that maintaining good credit wasn’t just about paying on time, it was a mentality.

CreditRepairDallasTexasSome time later I received my very first collection call. Yay me! I was completely surprised and confused. After all, I literally forgot I had the card. After a few minutes of bewildered and stupefied questioning from myself, the rep finally convinced me that the card was mine. (The 7 Eleven slushy purchases rang a bell.) The rep told me that my failure to pay was reported to my credit report. Excuse-moi?! I didn’t know much, but I knew this was a really bad thing. A negotiator at heart, I instantly knew I couldn’t let this happen. Luckily I had just received that surplus money from my student loans, and I convinced the rep to remove it from my report if I paid it in full. That worked. Whew! (I now realize using student loan money to pay a debt actually cost me more money in the long run..but that’s another story). Little did I know I was a little credit repairer in the making.

So more credit mishaps happened in the following years. And like most folks, I didn’t really start paying attention to my credit until I wanted to purchase a house. I pulled my credit for the very first time and HOLY MOLY. I was surprised to see that by the age of 10 I somehow managed to rack up collection debts with utility companies, phone companies and so on. Yes, someone had used my name and I never knew. I also had a slew of inaccuracies that I didn’t realize was pulling my score down.

I will say, it wasn’t the worst credit, but it was preventable had I adopted a better mentality sooner of staying on top of companies to make sure they were reporting accurately. This was before google had its PHD in everything and you really had to work to find reliable information. Back when AOL was king. I began doing my research, ordered one of those infamous “kits” and began fixing my credit myself. It wasn’t long before I worked myself up to over 700. I learned a lot while disputing my credit. I had no intentions of going into this business. I just simply wanted to achieve a financial goal. And it felt good to win.

It wasn’t long before I realized that helping others get that “winning” feeling was what I needed in life. It’s my fuel. It’s my thing. When it comes to finances, and specifically credit, I realize that we all weren’t trained for it. Sometimes you need to get up to speed in order to get things in order. But sometimes, you just don’t have the time or resources. This is why credit repair companies exist. Like a lot of things, you can do this yourself. But if you just don’t have the time, and need someone you can trust, I want to help you navigate through the process. My motto is Financially Fit and Free. I hope to you help you get fit and stay fit.